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Introduction of Automatic Process Control System (APCS) at the first-string energy enterprise of Europe

11/17/2008   On September 26, 2008, power generating unit #7 of CHP-26, OAO Mosenergo, was hooked up after its modernization. During modernization the specialists of OAO Elektrotsentronaladka designed and adjusted instrumentation of the control system of power generating unit with a capacity of 250 MW, with the cogeneration turbine T-250/300 and the gas-and-oil-fired boiler, Type TGMP-334. The full-scale APCS is based on SPPA-T3000 Siemens software and hardware complex.

As part of the services related to the APCS unit the whole scope of ordinary control functions was realized, including:

  • process protection and locking system,
  • safety alarm,
  • remote control and automatic control,
  • logical control,
  • information functions.

Another important step made as part of the technical development and upgrading program was aimed at improving the power and heat supply reliability for consumers in the Moscow region, at ensuring stable energetic platform for city’s economic development. The introduction of a modern APCS ensures high quality of electric and heat power supply for both common citizens and industrial consumers.

16/2 Berezhkovskaya naberezhnaya, 121059 Moscow, Russia
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