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JSC Electrotsentronaladka is

the first native enterprise for setting-up of the equipment at power plants and substations
1939 – electrical laboratory was established with Tsentrenergostroy group, and it began the new direction in operation of Ministry of Energy of USSR namely setting-up of the equipment of power plants and substations during their commissioning.

activities of our priority are design, supply, mounting, setting-up, commissioning, warranty servicing and maintenance of: electrical equipment, automated process control systems, automated systems of electric power commercial accounting and automated dispatcher and control systems of objects (ADCS) (including software and hardware complex equipment for telemetric data processing) 

we are innovators in development of power engineering equipment and advanced technologies
  • the first power unit in the USSR of 100 MW output at Stalinogorskaya GRES (1939) 
  • the first power unit in the USSR of 150 MW output at Cherepetskaya GRES (1953) 
  • the first power unit in the USSR of 200 MW output at Shchekinskaya GRES (1964) 
  • the first power units in the USSR of 300 MW output at Konakovskaya and Cherepetskaya GRES (1964) 
  • the first power unit with district heating turbine of 250 MW output at TPP-22 of Mosenergo (1972) 
  • the first power unit of 800 MW output at Ryazanskaya GRES (1980-1981) and unique power unit of 1,200 MW output at Kostromskaya GRES (1980) 
  • the first super high voltage lines – power transmission lines of 400 kV from Volzhskaya HEPP - Moscow (1956), the first power transmission line of 750 kV (1967) 
  • the first unit transformers of 400 kV, 500 kV, 750 kV, 1,140 kV 
  • the first (1976) and the second (1979) units of reactor RBMK-1000 and two turbo generators of 500 MW output each at Kurskaya NPP 
  • head unit with reactor VVER-1000 at Novovoronezhskaya NPP (1980) 
  • quick development of commissioning techniques for new high-tech equipment

we have unique experience of working at objects in Russia, at objects in former USSR countries and in 50 other countries since 1939

  • 580 power units of thermal and nuclear power plants of aggregate output of 53,000 MW have been commissioned 
  • 2,100 substations and over 5,300 transformers of aggregate output of 240,000 MVA have been commissioned 
  • working as subcontractor  with such contract holders as Tekhnopromexport VO, Zarubezhenergostroy VAO OT, ASEN CJSC, Zarubezhpromatomenergostroy VO, Energomashexport VO etc. 
  • direct contracts with foreign companies on execution of works and on equipment supply

bright hands, skillful hands

  • personnel of JSC Electrotsentronaladka consists of 793 highly qualified professionals 
  • 98 persons are awarded with medals and orders 
  • 378 persons have titles of honorable and honored power engineering employees 
  • 52 persons are honored employees of  JSC Electrotsentronaladka 
  • 9 are awarded with the medal "For Service to JSC Electrotsentronaladka”

we are winner of All-Russian Competition in nomination of "The Best Enterprise of Heating and Power Engineering Complex of Russia” in 2007

  • We have licenses for all announced activities.
  • Our Quality Management System is certified according to standard ISO 9001-2001.
  •  ISO 14001-2004 Environment Management System was introduced at our enterprise

16/2 Berezhkovskaya naberezhnaya, 121059 Moscow, Russia
Telephone: (499) 240-58-30, (495) 221-67-00